Plane or planes may refer to:

Plane or aircraft

  • Airplane or aeroplane
    • Airliner, an airplane for transporting passengers and cargo
  • Airliner, an airplane for transporting passengers and cargo
  • Fixed-wing aircraft
  • Science and technology

  • Plane (geometry), abstract surface which has infinite width and length, zero thickness, and zero curvature
  • Lattice plane, a plane in a crystal structure
  • Clipping plane, in computer graphics
  • Planing (boat), a method of travelling quickly across water by using speed to lift the hull out of the water
  • Platanus, a genus of trees with the common name "plane"
  • Acer pseudoplatanus, a tree species sometimes called "plane"
  • Planes (genus), a genus of crabs in the family Grapsidae called "weed crabs"
  • Plane (Unicode), in Unicode, a big range of 65,536 (=216) code points
  • Other uses

  • Plane (tool), a woodworking tool to smooth surfaces
  • Plane (river), a river in eastern Germany.
  • Plane (wherry), a Norfolk wherry in service 1931–1949
  • Planē (mythology)
  • Plane (esotericism), an emergent state, level or region of reality
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    Small plane crashes into Hudson River

    CBS News 18 Apr 2021
    A small, vintage plane crash landed in the Hudson River on the New Jersey side on Friday evening. This comes in the middle of Fleet Week, where thousands of Navy service members flock to the city ... ....

    Pilot killed in Hudson River small plane crash

    CBS News 18 Apr 2021
    A vintage World War II plane was hoisted out of the Hudson River off Manhattan. The aircraft went down on the New Jersey side of the waterway as it was flying near New York City. The pilot died in the crash. DeMarco Morgan reports ... ....

    Plane participating in air show makes emergency landing on crowded Cocoa Beach

    WPTV 18 Apr 2021
    -- A World War II-era plane participating in the Cocoa Beach Air Show made an emergency landing in shallow water on a crowded beach ... The plane appears in control the whole time....

    Warning passenger planes could be shot down during aggressive Russia war drills

    The Mirror 18 Apr 2021
    Russia continues to flex its muscles by deploying 50 jets for aerial war exercises against Ukraine including missile launches and bombings over the Black Sea, it has been claimed ... ....

    World War II-era plane makes emergency landing in surf off of Florida beach

    USA Today 18 Apr 2021
    A video posted to Twitter Saturday afternoon showed the single-engine vintage plane make a "soft" landing in the shallow surf near Cocoa Beach.        ... ....

    Inside Track: Denis O'Brien's jetset lifestyle leaves plane spotters in a spin

    The Times/The Sunday Times 18 Apr 2021
    It has been clocked by plane spotters flying in and out of Dublin airport 11 times since Christmas.Sponsored ... ....

    Watch WWII Plane Make Emergency Splashdown at Dense Florida Beach

    Sputnik 18 Apr 2021
    The crashed plane, a TBM Avenger, is a torpedo bomber used by the United States Navy during WWII. The plane underwent thorough restoration before being returned to flight last year, according to the Cocoa Beach Air Show website ... ....

    VIDEO: Plane crash lands in water on busy Florida beach during air show

    Lodi News Sentinel 18 Apr 2021
    A plane crash landed in the ocean in Florida on Saturday during the Cocoa Beach Air Show .......

    Signal from EgyptAir plane picked up

    CBS News 18 Apr 2021
    ... the investigation into what brought down the plane....

    A phone call, a private plane and a cable car conductor: How S.F. rescued a ...

    Marietta Daily Journal 18 Apr 2021
    Apr. 17—Dr. Mary Mercer was just coming off her emergency room shift at San Francisco General Hospital on Thursday night when the call came in. Humboldt County had a "pizza box" of Pfizer vaccine that it couldn't use. Did San ... ....

    Two military stunt planes crash in separate incidents

    CBS News 18 Apr 2021
    One person was killed when a Navy Blue Angels F-18 fell near Nashville, where the team was practicing for a show. Separately, an Air Force Thunderbird F-16 also crashed after a fly-by at the Air Force Academy graduation where President Obama spoke ... ....

    China's "unsafe" intercept of U.S. spy plane

    CBS News 18 Apr 2021
    CBS News' Margaret Brennan reports on the fallout after the U.S. says Chinese fighter jets made another "provocative" move near a U.S. spy plane ... ....

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