Plane or planes may refer to:

Plane or aircraft

  • Airplane or aeroplane
    • Airliner, an airplane for transporting passengers and cargo
  • Airliner, an airplane for transporting passengers and cargo
  • Fixed-wing aircraft
  • Science and technology

  • Plane (geometry), abstract surface which has infinite width and length, zero thickness, and zero curvature
  • Lattice plane, a plane in a crystal structure
  • Clipping plane, in computer graphics
  • Planing (boat), a method of travelling quickly across water by using speed to lift the hull out of the water
  • Platanus, a genus of trees with the common name "plane"
  • Acer pseudoplatanus, a tree species sometimes called "plane"
  • Planes (genus), a genus of crabs in the family Grapsidae called "weed crabs"
  • Plane (Unicode), in Unicode, a big range of 65,536 (=216) code points
  • Other uses

  • Plane (tool), a woodworking tool to smooth surfaces
  • Plane (river), a river in eastern Germany.
  • Plane (wherry), a Norfolk wherry in service 1931–1949
  • Planē (mythology)
  • Plane (esotericism), an emergent state, level or region of reality
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    North Carolina pilot who exited plane mid-flight died by accident: reports

    Fox News 02 Dec 2022
    The North Carolina Medical Examiner's Office said the death of a pilot who jumped from the plane he was co-piloting in July was an accident, according to reports ... ....

    Pivot Airlines Says Plane Crew Detained in Dominican Republic Back in Canada

    The Epoch Times 02 Dec 2022
    TORONTO—Crew members of a Pivot Airlines plane that had been kept in the Dominican Republic since April have landed in ......

    Doha-bound private plane suffers technical snag during take off, returns to airport

    Zeenews 02 Dec 2022
    The plane had 139 passengers onboard who have been accommodated in the origin city and will be transferred to their destinations once the flight issue is resolved, reports PTI ... ....

    Elvis Presley’s private plane up for auction

    Sun Commercial 02 Dec 2022
    Elvis Presley’s private plane is up for auction ... ....

    NC co-pilot's death in fall from plane ruled accidental

    The Daily Times 02 Dec 2022
    The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has ruled the death of a pilot who fell from a small airplane in flight in North Carolina in July an accident. The News & Observer reports that the autopsy states that Charles ... ....

    Woman on plane wakes up to a kid drawing on her socks - but people ...

    The Mirror 02 Dec 2022
    A woman has been slammed for taking her shoes off and putting them on an armrest on a plane after complaining a child had drawn on her socks while she had been asleep ... ....

    Woman furious as mum allows kid to 'climb over' her after refusing to swap plane seats

    The Mirror 02 Dec 2022
    A plane passenger has been left fuming after she woke up from a nap to find someone's child 'climbing over' them - because they refused to swap seats with the family ... ....

    Ep#157 - Get Off My Plane! (Full Episode)

    Bitchute 02 Dec 2022
    Go to the source via the article link to view the video .......

    NC co-pilot's death in fall from plane ruled accidental (copy)

    Daily Advance 02 Dec 2022
    The autopsy states that the death of Charles Hew Crooks, 23, was likely the result of falling from the back of the plane while vomiting, The News & Observer reported ... Early reports and 911 calls said Crooks “jumped” or “exited” the plane, but the autopsy found that the fall was accidental ... ....

    Odell Beckham flies private to start free agent tour after plane incident: ‘Not today’

    New York Post 02 Dec 2022
    More On. odell beckham jr. Odell Beckham Jr.’s Giants visit won’t include one big thing ... Cowboys ‘full steam ahead’ in Odell Beckham chase after plane drama ... Take a private jet instead ... He initially refused to exit the plane upon officers’ arrival and the aircraft was eventually deplaned, after which Beckham left the plane without incident....

    WATCH: Elvis Presley’s private plane up for auction

    Independent online (SA) 02 Dec 2022
    Elvis Presley’s private plane is up for auction. The singer’s 1962 Lockheed 1329 Jetstar has sat in the “aircraft graveyard” in Roswell, New Mexico, for more than 35 years and features nine original red velvet seats, an entertainment centre and microwave. Mecum Auctions says in its listing for the battered craft ... The listing adds ... Elvis Presley ... ....

    Inside Styx's rider: 54 towels, eight first-class plane tickets and absolutely no mention of Dennis DeYoung,

    The News-Gazette 02 Dec 2022
    This story appeared in 'Meeting Minutes & More,' a weekly, six-page special section in the print editions of Friday's News-Gazette reported and written by Editor Jeff D'Alessio and designed by Managing Editor Niko Dugan. Click here to read an electronic version of this week's section. Click here to subscribe to The News-Gazette ... Styx.’” ... ....

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